PAINKILLER is an ambitious American premium clothing brand. Unique prints are the result of joint work of conceptual designers from the USA, Mexico, Italy, Holland, Germany and Japan.

PAINKILLER in your wardrobe will remind of itself on the day when you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else! Let yourself be real today! Remember that it is really important for you and do not go in circles, do not postpone, act! Act now! There is nothing not possible, you need only time and perseverance! Through pain and doubt go where your heart desires! PAINKILLER for the strong in spirit!

The time will come and, as depicted on PAINKILLER T-shirts, nothing but skulls and bones will remain from us! Do not let the bustle of big cities devour you, do not allow doubts and pain to stop you.

The PAINKILLER assortment includes three large areas: basic casual-style things, sportswear, and what we started to acquaint you with the brand - things with author's collectible prints and bright elements that were included in the HARDCORE DIVISION collection.

The use of exclusively high-quality materials and modern technologies made it possible to make the clothes practical, stable and durable! The application of water-based prints allows clothing to “breathe”. The composition of T-shirts is 100% cotton, in which you feel as comfortable as possible. Clothes suitable for washing in conventional washing machines turned inside out or in a separate bag at 30-40 degrees in delicate mode.

In 2017, Kirill Sarychev, the world record holder in the bench press without equipment, becomes the first Russian ambassador of the PAINKILLER brand. The presentation of the HARDCORE DIVISION collection with great success took place on October 28-29, 2017 at the V International Festival of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle "SN PRO Expo Forum 2017" in Moscow.

Every PAINKILLER thing is not just cool clothes, it is a unique piece of clothing!
Each owner of PAINKILLER - decides who he should be!

The main task is to provide each customer with an excellent level of quality, range and loyal prices!